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God's Grace Mini Cattle


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Please see the "What You Can Expect", "Terms And Conditions", and "Special Note" at the bottom of this page.

Coming Soon ...

We have 3 cows that are confirmed pregnant (Boo, Shiloh, and Jojo).  I expect Boo and Shiloh to calve in October, 2022.  I expect Jojo to calve in April, 2023.  We also have 2 other cows (Honey and Grace) that are currently exposed to our herd sire (Abraham) and should be pregnant by mid-August, 2022.

Rose - Sold pending delivery

Rose is a cute red and white heifer.  She has a full white belt and a white face with red around her eyes, giving her a classic Panda(TM) look. Born 02/14/2022, she was 54 lbs and 22.5 inches at the hook.  Out of Jojo (registered mini Hereford, IMCBR xxxx) by Abraham (IMCBR registered mini Belted #7996).  Se will be registered with IMCBR as a Panda(TM). She will be available at weaning and can be reserved with a 25% deposit.


What You Can Expect

All cattle will be vaccinated and boostered with Vib-shield 7+VL-6 (or similar) and 10-way Balckleg. They will be wormed with an injectable ivermectin (or similar).  Heifers will be vaccinated against brucellosis.  Papers will be sent directly to buyer.  They can be steered and/or de-horned for no additional charge.

Delivery is available in a limited range for $1.50/loaded mile (NOTE - Due to the volatility of the price of fuel the delivery charge is subject to change, so PLEASE ASK for a current price at tome of delivery.  I'm not looking to make any significant profit from deliveries, but if I lose money on them then I can't do it.)

Terms and Conditions

A 25% deposit is required as a down payment to hold an animal.

Deposit is applied to purchase price and is NON REFUNDABLE, unless animal is permanently disabled or deceased prior to pick up.  In that situation the contract will be considered complete and the deposit(s) will be returned in full.

Remaining cost is either a) due at pick up or delivery if paid in cash, or b) one week prior to the animal leaving the ranch, if paid by any other method.

There will be a 3% service charge for payment by credit card.

Calves will be weaned at 6 months of age.

Cattle must be picked up within 4 weeks of weaning or a charge of $3/day will be added to the final purchase price.

Special Note

One purpose of cattle is to provide food for people (Genesis 9:3).  There is nothing wrong with that and we are not opposed to it; we do it ourselves.  But we reserve the right to refuse sale of our cattle if we have a good faith belief that they will be abused, seriously neglected, or cruelly mistreated.
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