God's Grace Mini Cattle

God's Grace Mini Cattle


This page lists the calves we have previously sold.

Babe. Delivered on 08/14/2021. Her new name is Perdita.

Babe is an adorable black and white panda heifer born a week late on 1/20/2021.  At birth she weighed 60 lbs and was 23 inches at the hook.  She is out of Grace (Hereford / Belted Galloway cross) by Jack Sparrow (panda bull from Black Dog Ranch).  She is registered as a panda with IMCBR. She sold for $3,000.

Ruby. Delivered on 04/24/2021.

Ruby is a flashy, red, panda heifer born 9/26/2020 at 56 lbs. She is out of Karina (Aberdeen) by Peter Panda (panda). Ruby is registered as a Panda(TM) with the IMCBR. She sold for $3,000.

Double Stuff. Delivered on 04/01/2021. His new name is Wilton.

This little guy arrived about two weeks late on 9/15/2020 at 77 lbs. He is out of Boo (Aberdeen) by Peter Panda (Panda). "Big D" is well marked and is registered as a Panda(TM) with the IMCBR. He sold for $1,200.

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