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God's Grace Mini Cattle


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Tips On Getting Started

The  Black Dog Ranch web site has some good questions you should ask yourself before you make investments that won't help you achieve your goals.  See the "First Things First" section on the Getting Started page.

Here is a link to the Tips On Getting Started page of the Oliver Miniature Acres web site.

The New Cattle - Now What page of the Black Dog Ranch web site is also a good resource.

The only thing we could possibly add to that information is to say that, in our experience, other mini cattle breeders have been very friendly and open to answering questions and helping out where they can.

International Miniature Cattle Breeder's Society and Registry

Here you will find information about owning, breeding, and the business of miniature cattle.  There are also forms for registering your miniature cattle and joining the society.  http://minicattle.com

Withdrawal Period Chart

If you are going to raise cattle for beef, you need to make sure the withdrawal period for any medication they have received has been met before they are processed.  That information can be found in product label or literature.  There is also a convenient chart listing the withdrawal period for many common medications here.

You Can Learn A Lot From Poop ...

Your animal's droppings are a window into what is going on inside it.  Here is a link to a photo guide to help you figure it out:  https://agrilifeextension.tamu.edu/library/ranching/forage-quality-photo-guide/

County Agents

According to the Ag Careers web site, "Extension Agents are employed by land-grant universities and serve the citizens of that particular state by serving as an expert or teacher on a topic relating to economics, community development, agriculture, family, animal production, diet and nutrition."

Extension agents are typically employed by state or county agencies, and the agents' services are available to the agricultural community (in my experience there is no cost for the services of the agent because their salaries are paid by the state or county agencies that hired them).

In Texas, you can find contact information for your county extension agent, as well as links to other available resources here: https://counties.agrilife.org/.

We had our county extension agent come over and evaluate our land because we wanted advice on how to develop good pastures for our mini cattle.  He was very friendly and  helpful.  He confirmed that our choice of mini cattle was the right one for our property.  He also provided the following resource links:

Rotational Grazing:  https://www.noble.org/news/publications/ag-news-and-views/2006/march/so-you-want-to-rotationally-graze/

Nelson Ryegrass:  https://agrilifetoday.tamu.edu/2010/09/22/nelson-ryegrass-out-yields-gulf-by-2000-pounds-per-acre-newly-released-ryegrass-out-yields-tam-90-and-prine-too/

Pounds of Forage Per Acre:  https://agrilifeextension.tamu.edu/library/ranching/photo-guide-to-forage-supplies-on-texas-rangelands/

Chaparral Herbicide for Broadleaf (my agent said that, unlike some other herbicides, I didn't need a license to apply Chaparral; you should check with your local agent)   https://www.corteva.us/products-and-solutions/pasture-management/chaparral.html

Plant Identification:  https://nobleapps.noble.org/plantimagegallery/

Water Harvesting:  https://rainwaterharvesting.tamu.edu/

Greg Judy videos:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fwMbzNREJ3I

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