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Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due

As stated in our "About Us" page, we are relative newcomers to the cattle business.  We have relied heavily on Chris and Amanda Homann of Oliver Miniature Acres and Trina McCollom of Black Dog Ranch  to help us.  They are fountains of information and advice.  It is my pleasure to list them here with links to their web sites.

Oliver Miniature Acres

Amanda and Chris Homann run Oliver Miniature Acres in east Texas, near Jacksonville.  They sold us our first two cows which were both pregnant at the time.  We haven't found a question they can't answer, and they don't ridicule us for our stupid ones.  We are deeply indebted to them.

Black Dog Ranch

Trina runs Black Dog Mini Cattle out of Mineral Wells, Texas.  Trina is extremely knowledgeable about cattle.  She has instructed us with patience and kindness.  We owe her a lot.  She is also a dog trainer and an experienced hunter/jumper.
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