God's Grace Mini Cattle

God's Grace Mini Cattle


Our Herd


Abraham is our herd sire.  He is a red and white belted bull registered with the IMCBR (#7996).  In the Bible, we are told that God changed Abram's name to Abraham which means "father of a multitude," and it's what we hope our Abraham will become for us.


Shiloh is a Black Baldy cow out of Boo and sired by Zoro, a miniature Hereford bull from Oliver Miniature Acres.  Shiloh is the first calf born on our ranch.  Her name is a Hebrew word for "peace."  She has given us both a beautiful and healthy bull calf (Jasper) and heifer (Daisy).


Grace is part of our breeding stock.  She is a Hereford / Belted Galloway cross and is a registered Panda (IMCBR #7994).  She given us two beautiful and healthy heifers, Babe (aka Perdita) and Buttercup.


Honey is a British White cow we purchased from Oliver Miniature Acres.  Honey has given us two beautiful and healthy bull calves, Mater and Rhinestone Cowboy.


JoJo is a registered Miniature Hereford heifer (IMCBR #7995).  She has given us two beautiful and healthy heifers, Rose and Pumpkin.


Elsa is a beautiful black and white registered Panda heifer (IMCBR # 8158) that we purchased from Black Dog Ranch. She was named Elsa because she was born during the severe winter storm that hit Texas in February 2021. She has given us a beautiful and healthy heifer, Patch.

Rhinestone Cowboy

Out of Honey by Abraham, this gentle and beautiful steer was born May 23, 2023.

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